Mega Footer Documentation

1. Ensure Visual Composer is installed

Visual Composer is a magnificent visual page editor for wordpress.

VC Mega Footer requires Visual Composer version 5.0 

If you don’t have Visual composer, please visit:

2. Install the VC Mega Footer Plugin

Now, we can install the VC Mega Footer plugin proper.

Plugins -> Add New

Click the ‘Choose File’ button

In the ZIP file from Codecanyon, there will be our plugin file:’

Choose this file and press: install now

3. Import the pre-built Footers

VC Mega Footer comes with 12 pre-built Footers

Click Tools -> Import, and then Install Now for the WordPress Importer

Once it has installed, click Run Importer

There will be a Choose File button, click this and then find the file in the Code Canyon Package:


Our pre-built Footers are now loaded in

4. Hide Original Site Footer

Head to VC Megafooter -> Settings

From here we can click the ‘hide existing site footer’ to remove the default site footer

5. Choose a Footer Template, and set it to Live 

Click on an VC Megafooter -> Footer Blocks and select a Footer Block that you like
You can set the Footer Block to show/hide using the blue slide button

6. More Footer Display Options

You can set each Footer Block to appear on all areas of your website, or just on particular places

Specify these options here: